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Dr.Padmaja Fertility Centre the Surrogates are well counselled to understand the importance of their assignment and more than half of the total cost package is spent on them on their Fee, Accommodation, Food and Medications. There has been a negligible number of mishaps like miscarriages may be about 2% of them may be owing to genetic reasons mainly but not of surrogate’s incompetence as such, since they are chosen with all caution and BY CHOICE but not by chance, after a thorough screening. So, we present here for you, the Intending Parents or Commissioning Couples as called in the new Draft Bill made by ICMR on ART and Surrogacy in India the most Reliable and Best Surrogacy Centre with Best Results and where things are achieved at the Lowest Costs packages Dr.Padmaja Surrogacy Hyderabad.


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